Bleached moleskine

The price starts at 190 rub/m. It depends on density, colour and finish.

Thick, durable cotton fabric, made with extra strength satin weave. It is characterized by low being repellent to dust and is an indispensable material for sewing work wear for factories that are involved in working with cement, flour and other "dust" productions. Moleskine is the only fabric on the market that is a cost-effective solution for businesses with high dust content and also those with the presence of harmful micro-particles. This fabric creates a barrier to harmful suspensions, it is easy to cleaned of chemical and radioactive pollution. Moleskine was designed for the needs of the nuclear and medical sectors and industries with high dust content.

"Protex" offers moleskin for sewing work clothes with enhanced barrier properties. We produce fabrics  with a number of finishes such as anti-acid, water-repellent, oil, petrol resistant and more. Moreover fabrics with many colours and shades. 

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Fabric Structure:Cotton
Width:150 cm
Surface Weight (Density):250-300 g/m2
Finish:With flame-resistant finish and without
Extra information:Other colours upon request
Colour:Black, white, blue