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Protective and corporate clothing

Protective and corporate clothing

NPK "Protex" has experience in the developing special clothing for a variety of climatic zones. We can develop any sort of uniforms, upon request. It can be done by using our products or we can use the fabrics that you will import to us.  

Our company not only sells fabrics but also sews special clothing. We can create  corporate style of uniform the company, develop fabrics and clothing according to customer requirements. We only accept orders that start at 10 units per size. 

Our company uses screen printing, thermal transfer and embroidery for logo application on fabrics and clothing.

Sales and orders of the fabrics/clothing are made in Ivanovo city, Russia. If you have any questions please call our office in Moscow +7 (963) 655-90-90, and in Ivanovo +7 (4932) 938-355, +7 (4932) 938-354 or e-mail: protex-iv@mail.ru